Wall partitions experts and ceiling and roof repair technicians at Leo Ceilings are capable of providing you the most essential maintenance and repair services at a very affordable price. When it is time to restore your wall partitions and folding room dividers, we do it with flair and bring them back to their original condition and beauty just like the time when you had first purchased them. Our wall partition repair service providers and maintenance engineers are skilled and well qualified to recognize and assess faults and restore your interiors to their proper working condition quickly.

We at Leo Ceilings work to fully ensure that all your wall apparatuses and related peripherals are working efficiently and with no disruption whatsoever. Our roofing and ceiling and wall repair experts in Perth take pains to understand all the aspects of your interiors. They make sure that your home is free of any damage and dysfunctional apparatuses so that you can keep the value of your property intact.


What Are The Most Common Wall Partitions Issues?

  • Over time partition panels get difficult to manoeuvre
  • Wear and tear of the track and roller system
  • Misalignment of panels
  • The seals start sticking to the floor or ceiling
  • Decline in acoustic performance
  • Doors get misaligned with frequent usage
  • Retractable seals become rigid or wear out
  • Hinge ware corrosion
  • Scuffed and worn panels


We cater to wall partitions and repairs in any of the following settings:

  • Office building and commercial complexes
  • Conference halls and meeting centres
  • Hotels and restaurants
  • Public buildings
  • Schools and universities
  • Sports centres and stadium
  • Exhibition halls and shopping centres
  • Shops and large showrooms


With Leo Ceilings you get

  • High quality materials
  • Timely service whether related to repairs or replacement
  • Time tested techniques to repair and reinstate all kinds of wall partitions
  • Guarantee of quality repairs
  • Affordable prices

Whether you want your partition panels refurbished or replaced, with our experienced and qualified technicians and high quality workmanship you have complete peace of mind.