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Plaster Board Repair

Plaster Board Repair

Don’t be confused and clueless if you have a failing plaster wall or a cracking plasterboard ceiling. We are both a residential and commercial ceiling company in Perth and our experts understand that this process is a bit more complicated than just regular plastering and drying. Over time portions of your plasterboard walls and ceiling become weak and tend to wither away. This is called failing or breaking off and the only correct fix for it is something that effectively removes all the compromised material that exposes the lathes.

Although any local Perth roofing company or ceiling repair contractors can do this job but it is more than just applying a new scratch coat. We know that the materials used for each step of this damage repair are completely different. You will require multiple coats and a final polish or finish. We at Leo Ceilings make sure that the quality of the bond and finish are top notch and they add to the structural soundness of the architecture and the visual appeal of the house as well. Plasterboard repairing is one of the most time consuming jobs and this means more time spent on scratch coat. Even though the finish coat that you see is going to be perfect, our local plasterers in Perth still are going to give extra attention to the scratch coat as this is going to hold the surface to the lathe.

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Our professionals offer a wide range of plaster services. They are focused on providing high quality services and are reliable and friendly. Making ceiling and plasterboard repairs easy, we at Leo Ceilings are proud of the way we work, which means that we don’t believe in cutting corners when it comes to quality. Every project that we take is completed to the highest Australian standards with the highest quality materials within the stipulated time. We don’t just specialise in plastering kitchens and bathrooms but and house extensions as well. You can fill in our online form for a free quote and our team of qualified experts and Ceiling Fixers Perth will reply to your request as early as possible.