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Ceiling Services

Ceiling Services

Your ceilings are prone to a lot of problems including cracks, breakage, leakage, flooding, stains, mould, and odours to name a few. Plumbing problems often are a major cause for all of these issues and Depending on the level of damage your home as received our home improvement your Roof Replacement Perth experts should work to replace your soggy walls and get rid of all your ceiling woes before the damage escalates.

  1. Repairing Plaster Walls

Your Walls & Ceilings are covered with a thick coating of plaster and that might need Repair in a lot of instances.

Leo Ceilings  is your local wizard when it comes to Plaster Ceiling Repair. We don’t just do a fine job of repairing your plaster walls and ceilings but also specialize in interior and exterior painting. Our warm and friendly, skilled and experienced painters, drywall technicians and Ceiling Repair Contractors are thorough professionals who have immense talent and have been trained well in the science of wall and ceiling repairs. Some of the most Common plaster wall Issues that we can get rid of easily are:

  • Peeling paint
  • Failing / falling plaster
  • Water-damaged drywall
  • Holes and unevenness
  • Paint chipping off

We bring total professionalism and the most Advanced Ceiling Restorations to the table via our experienced drywall and plaster walls contractors. All your rooms and their ceilings and/or walls will be patched and painted in practically no time! We pay special attention to details and never compromise on the quality of our service.

We will work to completely remove water-damaged plaster and the affected drywall sections and insulation so that you face no mould issues in the future. If you need to get your walls Re-insulated and want your ceilings to return to their original condition, we will do that to make them look like newly built. Our plaster services also include Priming and painting every repaired surface with the most sought after products.

When it comes to repairing your plaster walls we are willing to go to lengths that other companies do not or shy away from just to save time and cost. Don’t be fooled by their offers that set forth impractical claims of repairing all your ceiling and drywall issues in a snap. We have ample knowledge and skill about various textures and surfaces so if you have a remodelling task at hand or are in need of a specialty or artistic hand doing custom or traditional textures on your walls, we can do that and more without batting an eye.

  1. Water Damaged Ceiling Repairs

Leo Ceilings is one of the most reputed and highly recommended Commercial Ceiling Perth companies that also specialize in ceiling repairs, water damage, mould removal and plaster and paint jobs. We are licensed and insured. Based in Perth, we are a team of drywall and plaster repair and painting professionals that are highly dedicated to providing you the most coveted and top rated services.

We easily recognize the obvious as well as hidden signs of water damage and make it easier for you to do the same when you are on your own. We provide the best ceiling and wall restoration services and our skilled and experienced Ceiling Contractors Perth Professionals and water damage experts are fully capable of taking care of all your drywall and plaster damage woes. We come highly recommended and are superiorly equipped to fix any and all damages resulting from the following and more:

  • Burst or damaged or leaking pipes
  • Faulty plumbing
  • Overflows resulting from any of the above
  • Flooding issues
  • Frequent roof leaks
  • Clogged gutters and pipes
  • Cracked chimney flashing
  • Basement leaks which are very difficult to combat
  • Septic issues
  • Expanding window & door frames

Water Damage Rectified!

So it doesn’t really matter what regrettable water damage situation you and your home might be in, we at  Leo Ceilings are a name you can count on and our wall painters and Roof Repair Perth team is the one you can rely on to handle it. We don’t just offer a paint job or a ceiling restoration job here and there but a full array of water damage restoration services along with other home improvement solutions.

You can get rid of:

  • Discolored walls
  • Stains on your ceilings
  • Peeling paint
  • Bubbling paint surfaces
  • Crumbling walls
  • Mould
  • Or any other unsightly and early and late symptoms of water damage

We offer absolutely Free Water Damage Repair Estimates. You can give us a call and get in touch with our experts to get a free water damage repair estimate. The extreme attention to detail of our Ceiling Mould Removal Perth experts and the fact that we complete each of our projects well within the stipulated time period are what separate us from the crowd.

  1. Painting and Maintenance

Leo Ceilings is a renowned name in Ceiling Repairs and House Painting Services. We take pride in the quality of our paint jobs and the strong and loyal customer base that we have been able to develop in Perth as a result of our top rated painting services. We have a highly skilled and competitive crew of driven Ceiling and Wall Contractors Perth professionals who are well experienced in the field of painting both interiors and exteriors of residential and office buildings and can deliver stellar results within the same day. Our coveted Local Plasterers in Perth will come to your place and make a quick assessment of the problem and give you an on the spot quote.

Talking about on the spot quotes, you will not get a more honest interior painting estimate from any other Perth Roofing Company as you would get from Leo Ceilings for no cost at all.

Our expert Ceiling Repair Contractors and painters understand how and what all to assess when quoting you a final amount and you will find that you are handed a bill for a remarkable paint job on your walls that far exceeds your expectations and the value of the amount in terms of quality.

Needless to mention our well versed specialists are deft in all types of interior paint jobs. You want instant drywall repair and water damage repair, along with a shiny paint job, you come to us. If your ceilings or walls have gone through some tough time in terms of water damage or seepage recently, Leo Ceilings is the interior painting company to call!

We Use Only The Finest Paints And Nothing Else

We use the finest quality paints available in the market because we understand just how important your home is to you. We at Leo Ceilings are nothing like other Plaster Ceiling Repair and painting services providers that do not take their customer’s requirements seriously. We make it a point to choose nothing but the highest quality paints, polishes and varnishes even for the slightest of paint jobs and that shows in the final output. If you desire a gorgeous and well-painted room or hallway or a study that doesn’t smell of water seepage and mold, you can call Leo Ceilings and rest assured that all these problems will be taken care of in no time.