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Do You Have Water Damaged Ceilings? Need Ceiling Re-Strapping?

We Can Help!

We at Leo Ceilings are a reliable roof replacement Perth company and are a known name in the ceiling and wall repair and maintenance business. If you are looking for an affordable ceiling repair contractors firm, you can count on us because we take pride in ourselves on being highly economical and quality oriented. Our ceiling repair contractors display exceptional workmanship to enhance the value of your property.

We have years of experience to back our claims and are fully capable of rectifying all problems related to sagging and damaged ceilings. You understand how unattractive they appear but do you know just how unsafe they can be for you and your loved ones?

Damaged ceilings should never be left unattended as they can result in accidents and if not that, with time the whole ceiling will need to be replaced costing you more money and time. We have experience in repairing and replacing countless roofs and ceilings in Perth and we stand by our quality of work every time.

Why You Need Ceiling Re-Strapping Or A Sagging Ceiling Repair Perth Firm?

You will need ceiling re-strapping because of the damage caused by the following:

  • Termites
  • Water damage
  • Leaks
  • Earthquakes
  • Undersized drywall
  • Poor construction and more

Why Pick Us For Your Sagging Ceiling Repair In Perth

You can rely on our highly skilled technicians for being able to work with any type of ceiling. They will deliver high quality services and not by simply patching them up but also ensuring the stability of its surrounding areas. You will never see us using any poor quality materials when we are working on your ceilings and walls. We don’t just prop up your ceiling and put the sheets together with joists to patch and sand them but also perform thorough finishing chores before we finally move out having cleaned up the work area.

We at Leo Ceilings practice proper usage of adhesives and always adhere to the manufacturer’s guidelines and that enables us to deliver sterling results every time we step into your home. Our goal is to always deliver dependable, competitive and impressive quality of work.