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Leo Ceilings is a renowned name in the ceiling and wall repair and cornice repair and removal business and has become the most preferred choice of many in and around Perth. We have skilled experts in our teams that can take care of all your ceiling and drywall woes and carry on flawless maintenance and plaster ceiling repair tasks as well.

If you have suffered from any of the following issues with your walls and/or ceilings, it is most likely that you constantly feel your blood pressure rising sky high. If you haven’t been able to find the right solution for your:

  • Sagging ceilings
  • Plaster rose installation
  • Faulty cornice
  • Replastering of your drywall
  • Flushing and/or ceiling replacement

All of it can be taken care of in practically no time.

The Problem Of Sagging Ceiling

With time everything in your home deteriorates and that results in some serious issues including but not limited to a sagging ceiling. You have to understand that all ceilings in each of your rooms will need regular upkeep and solid maintenance. You should learn the importance of recognizing your critical ceiling problems sooner than later.

Our expert Ceiling Fixers Perth professionals are able to provide you with excellent quality of work and unmatched customer service. The outstanding quality and timeliness of work that we deliver is what makes us one of the most trusted brands in Perth.

Have A Look At Our Sagging Ceiling Repair Perth Services

  • Installation of new ceiling in your existing home or new property
  • Repairs of plasterboards, ceiling, cornice, and complete repairs of cracks, sagging ceilings, wall holes and recurring water damage
  • We take care of your office and shop walls, wall partitions, and false ceilings as well
  • If you have any decorative ceiling corbels to repair and/or want to replace or repair any roses and vents, you can count on us
  • Repairing and replacing ceiling panels
  • Repair and installation of drywall and gyprock
  • Roof repairs
  • Asbestos removal and disposal
  • All kinds of commercial repairs and maintenance

You can rely on Leo Ceilings which is a leading Sagging Ceiling Repair Perth company and on our team of advanced ceiling restoration professionals who are adept at taking care of your entire wall and ceiling repair needs and work to maximize the value of your property.