Project Description

We at Leo Ceilings provide reliable and timely lighting installation services for all kinds of venues, houses and commercial undertakings. We trust our licensed electricians and guarantee that they will be able to provide you with the best lighting solutions every time you hand them the opportunity to serve you. You can completely count on our experienced electrical contractors for being cordial and reliable and you will find that working with them is a breeze. Our staff is fully licensed, bonded, and insured and performs all services within the stipulated time. We specialize in original and custom ceiling and wall lights installation and can handle absolutely any size of job, in any kind of setting:

  • Ceiling lights and fans
  • LED, bulbs and ambient lighting
  • Energy efficient lighting for your eco-friendly homes or offices
  • Appropriate lighting for new construction
  • Lighting upgrades for existing homes
  • Kitchen and bath lighting installation
  • Lights for outdoor and landscapes
  • Lighting solutions for commercial and industrial units
  1. Re-Installation Of Original Light Fittings And AC Vents

You don’t have to struggle with poor lighting in your home anymore. We at Leo Ceilings specialize in commercial and residential lighting installations, whether they are old or new. All your projects will be completed right on time and we also make sure that the aesthetics of both your interiors and exteriors are never compromised with. We take all our lighting projects seriously whether for your home or office. We at Leo Ceilings excel at the following areas of lighting and more:


  • Task lighting
  • Accent lighting
  • General lighting
  • Interior lighting
  • Incandescent light
  • Compact fluorescent
  • Fluorescent
  • Energy efficient led lighting
  • Ambient lighting

You can choose anything from the above mentioned lighting solutions we offer. Other than this we also offer recessed and under cabinet lighting solutions, art lighting, pendant lighting, and also track lighting, niche lighting, various kinds of lamps and chandelier, sconce and alcove lighting as well.

AC Vents Installation and Repairs

We also look into the installation and repair of your AC vents and ducts. It is important to keep your AC vents well maintained and clean because that is the only way to keep your indoor air pure and we understand that very well. This is why our teams of expert technicians work to rid your home of unwanted odors, debris and loose dirt with the most appropriate vents and ducting services. We have years of experience in installing, repairing and maintaining AC vents and ducts. Our company has the right experts for the job who are extremely proficient and skilled at what they do. Our team of home improvement experts excels in the following services:

  • Timely AC repair and regular maintenance
  • HVAC installation and removal service
  • AC vents fitting and/or ducting
  • New AC duct installation
  • AC duct cleaning and repair

At Leo Ceilings our skilled and experienced cleaning teams will install the best in AC vents and ensure a safe and healthy environment for your family and loved ones. We make sure that your AC is always working smoothly and that your life is as peaceful as it can be.

  1. AC decommission

We at Leo Ceilings know that you need only an expert performing this critical and heavy duty work so we make sure to comply with the correct guidelines of the manufacturers and the most appropriate procedures and practices prevalent in the industry every time. The right choice for AC decommissioning is Leo Ceilings and nobody else.

We are well versed with both the past and the current versions of the appropriate industry processes and standards and regulations. Our AC decommission experts  follow the strict specifications and industry recognized working practices to make sure that he system is removed safely and within the stipulated time.

We also make sure to understand the various types, operations, different operating principles, applications, methods, and procedures and techniques required to carry out timely de- commissioning of the equipment in question regardless of the model and apparatus employed.

Why Everyone Prefers To Use Leo Ceilings For AC Decommission Services?

  • We do it within your budget and within the timeline specified by you
  • All work is carried on in accordance with the current and the most appropriate industry standards, practices and regulations
  • All job and system related information and documentation is verified before hand
  • The plant, the required instruments and access equipment and tools are assessed for fitness and purpose before the work commences
  • Work area, location, and surroundings are evaluated for safety and accessibility
  • We make sure to carry on proper risk assessment as well before we start work on your premises
  • Any harmful gases, liquids, waste materials or chemicals are properly disposed of in a timely manner
  • Precautionary measures are always in place in the form of personal protective wear and equipment and first aid kits
  • All the removable and non-functional equipment and useless components and accessories will be removed in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions
  • We maintain the safety of your home and interiors and also repair any damage caused in our wake before we finally clean it all up and move out of the property
  • Moreover, we take special care to make sure that your family or anyone close to the work area doesn’t get affected by the ongoing service and that took on a budget specified by you