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Attic Door Installation

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Come to Leo Ceilings for the best and the most robust in attic door installation. This is the right time and place to transform your attic from a waste space into a usable room. We often end up overlooking our attic. We think that this is just another empty space that nobody in our house can ever find useful except for the purpose of storing a few old pieces of furniture that your mother collected over the years. This can often create troubles because as you continue overlooking your attic it becomes more and more infested with problems that are difficult to get rid of with time.

You may face issues such as:

  • Dirt and grime getting accumulated all over
  • Water seepage and damage
  • Mould and mildew
  • Soggy odours
  • Cracked ceilings
  • Broken walls
  • Chipped plaster

This is why scheduling the services of a reputed Perth ceiling and wall repair company can prove to be in your favour. This is enough to give your attic a new life. We say that because the primary reason your attic is left unheeded is due to the fact that you don’t have proper access to it in the first place. Your overhead space which is underutilized up until now can be turned into something very important and all it will take is some effort on your part and a whole lot of work on ours.

You Can Count On Leo Ceilings For:

  • Adding new drop down stairs from your attic
  • Installing the highest quality doors
  • Reinstating or replacing insulation
  • Repairing walls and ceilings of your attic
  • Door repairs
  • Partition installation and repairs
  • Mould removal and more

We At Leo Ceilings Have Well Reputed And Most Skilled Professionals You Can Trust

We can and will assist you in understanding the best options for your attic and help you pick out the best doors, window frames, panels and wall partitions and ladders for it so that you can completely transform it into something usable and fun. It is time to change the way you think and also change the way you use your attic. Our professional handymen and skilled craftsmen have a lot of experience in this industry and that makes us confident that  you will find the best solution for your attic with us.